NVidia driver stability?

Craig Boston craig at xfoil.gank.org
Thu Jul 10 14:45:53 PDT 2003

Hi, all,

Just wondering if anyone has had any experiences (good or bad) with the new 
nvidia driver on CURRENT?  So far I've found it to be pretty unstable...  I 
tried reverting back to 5.1-RELEASE and recompiling the driver (i'm 
installing it from the port), but no luck.

It works fine in 2D mode, but running GL apps sometimes causes kernel panics.  
Running glxinfo and xvinfo repeatedly is a quick way to cause strange things 
to happen -- segmentation faults, bus errors, and kernel panics.  The 
backtraces I've gotten are pretty worthless since the panic happens in a 
completely random place every time (to date, inside the VM, in ATA, USB, and 
a couple other places but almost never in the NVidia module itself).  Smells 
like kernel memory corruption to me.

My setup is a PCI Geforce2 MX and a PCI TNT2.  I'm using standard multi-head 
(NOT Xinerama).  The port is compiled with WITH_FREEBSD_AGP, though it 
shouldn't make a difference.  I do have an AGP Matrox card in the system, but 
disabling and/or removing it seems to make no difference.

The only thing slightly strange is that I had to put Options "UseInt10Module" 
"on" in XF86Config to soft-boot the TNT2.  Otherwise it had a big 
solid-colored block covering approximately 1/3 of the screen...

Anyway, just curious if this is typical this driver on 5.1 or if it's an 
isolated problem :)


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