support for mounting md(4) based filesystem at boot [PATCHES]

Daniel C. Sobral dcs at
Thu Jul 10 13:58:57 PDT 2003

Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
>>Bah. Add a prerequisites field to fstab with all the filesystems that 
>>must be mounted before that one can be mounted.
> That's not enough.
> I have filesystems I don't want fscked/mounted until after sshd
> will accept my login for instance (I hate waiting for a fsck of
> /home/ncvs...) (Yes yes yes, bgfsck improves things a bit).
> Please don't hack /etc/fstab yet another time, please try to do
> it in a future-proof way (which doesn't suck)

I should have waited a bit before replying (after all, the message was 
from 22th last month anyway). Your next reply on the thread enlightened 
me to the scope of the problem.

Having a different script for each fs in rc.d would enable one to deal 
with such problems. Want a fs to have a particular dependency? Edit the 
script and add it.

But then we would have many files to deal with the fs, and very verbose 
at that, not to mention easy to misconfigure. We could teach some tool 
to edit them, but we would be back to teaching some program about all 


It fails the "doesn't suck" requirement, but, as I said, it is food for 
thought. Whatever we chose, I think filesystems should be something that 
can be dependencies and depended on for rc.d ordering.

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