wierd dsl performance with -CURRENT

Jeff Roberson jroberson at chesapeake.net
Wed Jul 9 13:33:09 PDT 2003

On Wed, 9 Jul 2003, Kenneth Culver wrote:

> > AH so it's direct DSL with either a fixed IP or DHCP or similar?
> Yep, basically I don't have a DSL modem, I have an Ethernet to ATM bridge
> (using AAL5 encapsulation I believe) running over the DSL. I have 2 fixed
> IP's, and in my normal configuration, my two BSD boxes are hooked up to a
> switch that also hooks to the DSL modem. One of my BSD boxes also runs
> ipfilter/ipnat/dnscache/dhcpd/postfix for my local mail and to allow the
> other 4 people living in the house, as well as my mac (macos X 10.2.6), my
> pc laptop, and my dreamcast to access the internet. That should be enough
> info :-)
> > in that case, then what does it look like speed-wise if you transfer
> > from the internet to the MAC using the BSD machine as a router?
> >
> Transferring anything through the BSD NAT box shows the same performance
> issues, as well as transferring directly from BSD to the DSL modem on both
> of my BSD machines. Using windows or the mac directly connected to the DSL
> modem shows the normal bandwidth capability. I know the hardware isn't the
> problem, both of the BSD boxes are totally different. If you think it
> matters I can send the specs too.
> Ken

Can you do a
'netstat -s -p tcp >> tcpstats' before and after the transfer?

This should tell us if there were retransmits etc.  It could be a
difference in minimum rtt values or a congestion issue that results in
timeout for our stack but some other recovery mechanism with other stacks.


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