wierd dsl performance with -CURRENT

Kenneth Culver culverk at yumyumyum.org
Wed Jul 9 12:05:49 PDT 2003

> AH so it's direct DSL with either a fixed IP or DHCP or similar?

Yep, basically I don't have a DSL modem, I have an Ethernet to ATM bridge
(using AAL5 encapsulation I believe) running over the DSL. I have 2 fixed
IP's, and in my normal configuration, my two BSD boxes are hooked up to a
switch that also hooks to the DSL modem. One of my BSD boxes also runs
ipfilter/ipnat/dnscache/dhcpd/postfix for my local mail and to allow the
other 4 people living in the house, as well as my mac (macos X 10.2.6), my
pc laptop, and my dreamcast to access the internet. That should be enough
info :-)

> in that case, then what does it look like speed-wise if you transfer
> from the internet to the MAC using the BSD machine as a router?
Transferring anything through the BSD NAT box shows the same performance
issues, as well as transferring directly from BSD to the DSL modem on both
of my BSD machines. Using windows or the mac directly connected to the DSL
modem shows the normal bandwidth capability. I know the hardware isn't the
problem, both of the BSD boxes are totally different. If you think it
matters I can send the specs too.


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