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animals at risk of extinction due to human exploitation have been found to carry over twice as many viruses that can cause human disease as threatened species listed for other reasons. The same is true for threatened species at risk due to loss of habitat.Exploiting nature 'drives outbreaks of new diseases'The new study, published in Nature journal, shows Newsletter that animals living in the environments shaped by humans carry more pathogens than those in pristine habitats.And it highlights a widespread public misperception that  nature, such as untamed jungles, is the greatest source of disease crossover.In fact, the greatest threats appear to arise where natural areas have been converted to croplands, pastures, cities and suburbs.Prof Kate Jones of UCL said the findings point to strategies that could help mitigate the risk of future public health threats."As agricultural and urban lands are predicted to continue expanding in the coming decades, we should be strengthening disease s
 urveillance and healthcare provision in those areas that are undergoing a lot of land disturbance, as they are increasingly likely to have animals that could be hosting harmful pathogens," she said.


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