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A prototype of SpaceX's next-generation Starship vehicle has successfully flown to an altitude of 150m (500ft).The uncrewed test vehicle rose up on a plume of exhaust before deploying its landing legs and touching Newsletter  down softly.The flight was carried out at SpaceX's test site near the village of Boca Chica in south Texas on Tuesday evening.It's the first flight test in almost a year for the Raptor engine, which will be used to power Starship.The stainless steel test vehicle, called SN5, has been compared variously to a grain silo and water tank.But it could pave the way for a spacecraft capable of carrying humans to the Moon and Mars.Skip Twitter post by @SpaceX Shortly after the test flight, which lasted just under a minute, SpaceX founder Elon Musk tweeted: "Mars is looking real."SN5 took off from Boca Chica at 00:57 BST (18:57 local time) for the brief flight. It uses a single Raptor engine, which is powered by liquid methane and liquid oxygen.

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People with a growth mindset believe your abilities can change over time, a perspective that helps dictate how they approach challenges (Credit: Getty Images) The long-term effects could be profound People living in rural areas could be penalised under a carbon rationing scheme, as there are few options but cars to get around (Credit: Getty Images) In Lahti, every CitiCap user is given a personalised carbon allowance that accounts for some of these factors, such as how close they live to schools and their place of work The efficiency and affordability of solar panels has improved dramatically since they were first produced (Credit: Getty Images) Besides the snow, a limitation of northerly solar is not necessarily the amount of energy produced but the time of year that its available: peak production does not match peak energy use  I love my cheese and I will always buy it, even if you tell me its bad for my carbon footprint, said one respondent Cruz and residents from communities arou
 nd Lima teamed up with scientists who had been testing fog nets in other parts of the world and began erecting them on hillsides around Lima, providing residents with a ready supply of water they could collect drip by drip The Hydroflexs hydrogen tanks, fuel cell and batteries currently sit inside a passenger car, but the ultimate plan is to store them underneath the train in order to fit in more passengers These vehicles are already very common, Bandivadekar says, and while they currently run on petrol, as electrification starts to happen in India, its going to then expand there Nuscales system is also integral, meaning the fuel, steam and generator will all be in one vessel One alternative to burning is to rent an excavator for clearing shrubs, for which a farmer needs to pay 20 million rupiah (1,080) per hectare The image, from Leonovs haunting short film of him floating outside the Soviet Voskhod 2 spacecraft in 1965, the letters (USSR in Cyrillic) emblazoned on his helmet I joi
 ned to help fight a battle in the Cold War and wed wo
n Some countries are already laying the groundwork for the future of the industry; 10 commercial spaceports are already taking shape across United States, for instance It will land a drone like craft to explore dozens of promising locations and look for signs of life But getting a good nights sleep is tricky when theres no natural day night cycle In effect, the rocket became a giant conductive rod connecting the electrically charged clouds with the Earth below We didnt know what had happened at first, Griffin later tells me By age nine, Wilson was designing and making dolls clothes You get that Monday feeling a couple of times a week Many workers in todays market, she surmises, might vastly prefer being upskilled over outskilled, and being repositioned in the same company rather than starting from scratch in a new environment Suddenly, phones were in every pocket, laptops in every bag Again, this isnt just about finding people with the appropriate qualifications or skills  its about 
 the way they approach their work, too And they havent stopped working since, averaging around 16 breaths a minute for a resting adult  or 23,000 a day His lawyers described that victim's testimony as compelling but argue it was uncorroborated Why don't we have an either or situation, where sometimes we have to come to work on specific days for meetings, but other days, we don't have to commute at all? she says
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