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Daniel Bristot de Oliveira danielbristot at
Sat Jan 30 12:51:21 UTC 2010

2010/1/30 Nilton Jose Rizzo <rizzo at>:
>   Hi all,
>      I`m work with FreeBSD some year, on servers ( http, smtp,smb and other
>  thinks), now I`ll work with cluster to parallel computing.  My BigBoss should
>  be install Linux, but I would like to install FreeBSD, but I not have idea
>  or correct point to start.  I look for in google, and some references talk
>  about Beowulf cluster. Is this only struct?  Have differents about perfomance
>  with work diskless struct and non-diskless?  Is FreeBSD ready to work with
>  parallel computing?
>     Please, send me links to white pappers or posts or one start point.
>     TIA,
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> Nilton José Rizzo
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Hi Newton,

(I'm also Brazilian)

I have some articles at FUG-BR (FreeBSD Brazilian Users Group) site,
where I explain about some kinds of cluster, by example how to build a
bewoulf cluster to parallel processing with MPI and PVM.

I think that the correct point to start is know "What you want run on
this cluster" and "What kind of technology will distribute the work
over the cluster nodes".

If you explain better this, I can help you better...

About the links, I have two:
         How to build a Bewoulf cluster with FreeBSD (pt_BR)
         mailto:danielbristot at (I Use the google to reply on
many languages) ;)


Daniel Bristot de Oliveira

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