ipvs + keepalived questions

Maciej Suszko maciej at suszko.eu
Sat Jan 26 07:18:53 PST 2008

"Dennis Pashutinsky" <k-unker at fbsd.kiev.ua> wrote:

> Hi.
> I have tested ipvs & keepalived on FreeBSD 6.2. It works, but later
> box will cath the kernel panic. So, ipvs can't be used on FreeBSD
> 6x :-( Also, you will catch a kernel panic id you do `reboot` or
> `shutdown -r now` and kernel modules ipvs.ko and and one of other
> modules (wlc or other) are loaded. So, you must unload them first.

Thanks for reply. I also noticed it's impossible to boot system with
automatic ipvs* modules loading enabled through loader.conf - IIRC
system stops just after loading kernel. It's a pitty it's so unstable
and not beeing developed any more (unless I'm wrong) - it's a piece of
nice and powerfull software.

> My friend Alexey Tsvetnov pleasantly wrote for me rcNG starting
> script to avoid such kind of problems.
> P.S. see this script in attach. Also, if there are people who
> interested in ipvs & keepalived, I have written mini-howto (on
> russian). So, I can translate this howto to english if anybody needs
> it.

Unfortunately if it leads to kernel panics - it's not worth testing.

regards, Maciej Suszko.
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