ipvs + keepalived questions

Dennis Pashutinsky k-unker at fbsd.kiev.ua
Tue Jan 22 08:49:17 PST 2008


I have tested ipvs & keepalived on FreeBSD 6.2. It works, but later box
will cath the kernel panic. So, ipvs can't be used on FreeBSD 6x :-(
Also, you will catch a kernel panic id you do `reboot` or `shutdown -r
now` and kernel modules ipvs.ko and and one of other modules (wlc or
other) are loaded. So, you must unload them first.

My friend Alexey Tsvetnov pleasantly wrote for me rcNG starting script to
avoid such kind of problems.

P.S. see this script in attach. Also, if there are people who interested
in ipvs & keepalived, I have written mini-howto (on russian). So, I can
translate this howto to english if anybody needs it.

Dennis Pashutinsky
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