Which is the Latest Clustering Tools for FreeBSD7.0

Peter Ross Peter.Ross at alumni.tu-berlin.de
Mon Jan 14 08:13:15 PST 2008

Hi Susanth,

On Mon, 14 Jan 2008, Susanth K wrote:

> Am Interested to know more about the Latest Clustering tools available in
> FreeBSD 7.0

Me too;-)

> Is SG Cluster Still active project ? [http://turtle.ee.ncku.edu.tw/sgcluster/

I don't know.. and have not used it. Sorry.

> Applications am Willing to run in Very Large Scale are :
> Apache + PHP + MySQL + FastCGI + C++ Based Custom Web Based Application +
> PostgreSQL on Top of FreeBSD 7.0

At my work place we have (FreeBSD based) Juniper DXes as a frontend to Red 
Hat boxes.

With "vanilla" FreeBSD I could think of CARP/VRRP and pf incl. pfsync for 
redundancy on packet layer and pound as a web frontend (does reverse 
proxy, loadbalancing and heart-beat to mark failed servers). I did this 

I never run MySQL and PostgreSQL clustered, just in master/slave 
replication mode. Clustering at my workplace is done using MS SQL.

We start a bigger Drupal project I am keen to know what PostgreSQL and 
MySQL offer in this regard these days (the MS SQL support in Drupal is a 
bit dubious)


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