Which is the Latest Clustering Tools for FreeBSD7.0

Susanth K freebsd.org-ml at susanth.com
Mon Jan 14 04:35:56 PST 2008

Dear Friends,

Am Interested to know more about the Latest Clustering tools available in
FreeBSD 7.0

What am looking for is Load Balancing cluster + High Availability cluster

Is SG Cluster Still active project ? [http://turtle.ee.ncku.edu.tw/sgcluster/
The Pico BSD mentioned in this page is very very old one.
Features of SG Attracted me :

Manageable - It is very simple to install and a friendly web user interface
is available to ease the administration.

Single Image - It transparently clusters back-end servers running different
platforms into a single system that appears as a single server to the client

Scalable - The system service capacity can be increased by adding new
servers to the cluster

Load Balancing - It automatically routes incoming requests to the least
loaded servers for optimal performance.

Fault Tolerant - SG load balancer monitors the availability of back-end
servers and only routes client's requests to those alive ones. More than one
load balancers can be setup to avoid the single point of failure in the
whole system.

High Availability - SG cluster can mask the faults on load balancer or
back-end servers if there are sufficient redundancies. It also keeps service
available when doing system upgrad


But the package mentioned to setup is very very old.

Any one having experience in Latest Clustering, please point me the Right
URL. (Am very beginner)

Applications am Willing to run in Very Large Scale are :
Apache + PHP + MySQL + FastCGI + C++ Based Custom Web Based Application +
PostgreSQL on Top of FreeBSD 7.0

Thanks in advance.

// Susanth K
// Knowledge is the only treasure that increase on sharing

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