recomend software to use.

Shawn sgill at
Sun Jan 30 06:09:57 PST 2005

I'm using Veritas Clustering software at work. Behind it are number of 
nodes. 2 Sun V880's and some V440's with few blades as well. I find this 
concept fascinating and would love to experiment more with it in the 
open source world. Im a big fanofFreeBSD and I have down some web 
hoasting use it and many other things.

Would anyone know of a good site that would explain more about 
clustering with freebsd, or maybe even a how to that might be posted on 
the web? Id love to get this working in a small lab that a friend and I 
are putting together for this reason. He runs a webhoasting company 
(Powered by FreeBSD)"WOOT!"and plans to implement this once we pull it 
off. Me? well I just want to play.

Thanks Shawn

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