clustering: how to start? re-ask

volkan altuntas valtuntas at
Wed Jan 26 13:54:26 PST 2005

i try to set up lammpi  to freebsd and search message archive and find
 this message -->

clustering: how to start?
Marc. Perisa sumirati at
Wed Dec 1 08:15:22 PST 2004
the "normal" way to go is to use MPI for number crunching operations
on "normal" hardware. Since MPI is quite industrial standard most
programs which are spanning multiple machines support this interface.
To get a high real-world performance you should use high speed
interconnects with a low latency.
In general:
Are you writing the software yourself? Have you ever developed for MPI?
If not, then start reading at
A general tutorial to setup such a system under FreeBSD may be found here:
Hope that helps
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: this link contains a
useful "how to set up lammpi under freebsd" document.i read this
document a few days ago but now is deactive and i need
this document. if anybody have a copy of this document , please send
me .
or is anybody known how to setup lammpi under freebsd. 


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