headless cluster install

Understudy understudy at understudy.net
Fri Apr 1 15:40:06 PST 2005


I am attempting to do a headless install with FreeBSD 5.3. The handbook 
is out of date on this. %.3 has a boot.flp and two kern.flp . The 
handbook asks you to do a echo "/boot/loader -h" > boot.config to the 
kern.flp but that is not the first floppy in 5.3 boot.flp is. So I tried 
it with boot.flp and it did not work. My question is very specific.

How can I configure the boot.flp to successfully do a headless install?

It is not desirable to remove the hard drive, and place it another 
machine, and try to copy it that way.


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