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Matt Olander matt at
Tue Nov 23 00:29:46 GMT 2004

On Mon, Nov 22, 2004 at 04:11:26PM -0800, Justin Hopper wrote:
> I was waiting for some activity on this list so that I wouldn't just
> join and blurt out a question, but so far I haven't seen any messages on
> this list.

yeah, it's pretty quiet on here ;)

> My question is pretty general: what hardware clustering options are
> there for FreeBSD?  I was looking at the Appro Clustering product that
> they have, but they list only Linux and Windoze as supported OSes.  I
> scoured their site looking for documentation on exactly how their
> clustering appliance works, like how it actually presents itself to the
> OS as a unified piece of hardware, but I could find no documentation at
> this level.  The idea of using a blade-style system seems appealing, if
> it worked in FreeBSD, which is the only operating system that we use for
> production servers. company resells Intel's blade solution, which is the one that
was co-developed with IBM. but it's not really a 'hardware clustering'
option. what are you trying to get it to do? are you looking for
computational clustering, or high availability?


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