Leaving the group

Allen all at biosys.net
Sat Jun 12 01:14:55 GMT 2004

I suppose I'm going to play the badguy and step up now.  This thread is 
tiresome.  Andy, do whatever you wish with your work, I'm not going to be 
one of the people begging you to keep working and keep it Free.

What I saw here was simply someone asking about HA clustering, and a simple 
response along the lines of "check out this website" for a website that 
wasn't yours, at which point you flew off the handle about people not 
reading the list, and not supporting "projects grounded in the freebsd 
world."  You apparently feel slighted that a website/project other than 
yours was mentioned, or even exists.

After seeing both links here and checking them out, I come away with the 
impression that you have a very new project (I know you said 1997, I'm 
talking impressions) and that you're the only person involved in it.

The website has almost on information at all on just what your software is 
or what it does, scarily minimal documentation in the form of the INSTALL 
file, and a download link.

The other project by contrast has a great deal more information, how to use 
it, what the goals are, and so on neatly outlined on the site.

I'm not talking at all about the "pretty" factor, simply the information 
content, which (at least at the moment) is sorely lacking from your end.

If this has not always been the case, and is being fixed soon, then this is 
all moot.  If however this is how it's "always been", I can perfectly 
understand why your work may be seemingly ignored, and why it wouldn't have 
made a memorable impression on me even if I had seen it in the past.  Right 
now, first impression is "Here's a patch for some version of FreeBSD, you 
figure out which.  It's cool, try it, tell me if you like what it does."

Now, all that aside, you've really, in my eyes, come off as the bad guy 
here.  To run the risk of a great insult, you sound rather "microsoftish" 
in your response -- angry that your project has any competition, 
threatening to pull out if that competition doesn't go away.

I'm as certain that this isn't the impression that you meant to give as I 
am that it is indeed the impression that you gave, and impressions are all 
that matter (other than marketing) when it comes to getting projects moving.

So yeah, do whatever you like with your project.  If you want to go 
"private" with it, that's your choice.  If you want to keep it out in the 
open, your choice as well, but I advise something of an attitude adjustment.

Competition and choice are the very heart of what the FreeBSD project is 
all about, and you seem to have lost sight of that.


At 17:34 6/11/2004, Andy Sporner wrote:
>I have waited to see what kind of comments would have been
>elicited from Lasse's suggestion and so far it has produced
>none.  However it has produced many hits of my server.
>I am really not suprised considering the reply I got
>here from this one.
>--- "Samaniego, Marlon S" <marlon.s.samaniego at lmco.com> wrote:
> > Good idea !
> >
> > > I think at this point I will just remove my software
> > > from general distribution if this is going to be the
> > > way that support is going to be given...
> > >
> > > Regards
>Normally I don't put someting in the public what is recieved
>as private, but then again since manners and respect seem to
>be a thing of the past here, so also is my observance.
>I have sought to produce software that people can use to do
>failover and eventually process failover.  Already I have
>release filesystem triggers to some testers and have worked
>in every place I have worked on so far.
>I WILL NOT under any circumstances release software to an
>audience that has shown such a gross lack of respect that
>has been given to me here.  It is a total disgrace and those
>of you who are guilty should be ashamed of yourself.  You
>think by sitting behind a keyboard removes you from the
>responsibility of acting like human beings.  I am sorry but
>I don't buy into that.
>If my work meant so much as to be usefull to many people as
>the claim has been made, then I should have seen more
>respect as I have done.
>I am not some college student that is wet behind the ears.
>I have been in this industry for the last 20 years and have
>worked on high availability for Hyatt, Walgreen Company and
>Network Engines and now a german company that is making a
>next generation load balancer (which runs Freebsd inside).
>I have the background and I know what I am talking about,
>whereas I am convinced that a large percentage are really
>legends in their own mind.  My work is concrete and is in
>use,  how many of you can say that!  Especially this goes
>to the person who wrote the reply I pasted in here.
>I am not convinced things are really likely to change and
>the experience here has shown this even this afternoon.
>It is for this reason and this reason alone that I am now
>going to leave this forum.
>I wish in the future that more respect is given to others
>that are contributing to this forum.  I am saddened that
>this has been my experience here.
>Andy Sporner
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