Request for Cluster Recommendations

Andy Sporner sporner at
Mon Apr 5 05:13:12 PDT 2004

Hi Peter,

>Propably it was me, a German in Melbourne;-)
I didn't want to cause any perhaps "undue" attention, but since you
spoke up ;-)   Yes it was your suggestions that I am referring to.

>>One of the main delays was that the kern_getcwd() functionality
>>in 5.0 (and 5.2) is wholly unreliable. I had to incorporate a separate
>>version to make it work correctly. Normally I hate such hacks, but
>>it seems that the vfs_cache method that was used was not appearing
>>to be 100% accurate (at least in the kernel). Many times when I
>>would try to get a full filename I got errors (path component not
>>a directory) when I passed a vnode of a file in to get the path name.
>>In a file replication scheme--this is not acceptable.
>I'm curious to see.. It's in the vnode layer so I assume it's filesystem
That is correct.  Gabriel suggested that somebody might do some
sort of journaling  thing with it.  Now it is easier.


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