Request for Cluster Recommendations

Peter Ross Peter.Ross at
Mon Apr 5 04:52:03 PDT 2004

On Mon, 5 Apr 2004, Andy Sporner wrote:

> I had a rather nice suggestion from somebody "down under" that made
> sense and I wanted to get it in.

Propably it was me, a German in Melbourne;-)

> At 20:00 (Berlin Standard time) I will release an initial release of
> FREP 2.0
> Somebody pointed out that It was too bad I couldn't use 'triggers'
> to driver the replication. I realized that I had sort of that kind of
> thing already, but not generic enough for ordinary use outside of
> FREP. So now it is.

Great. Congratulations!

(I am a little bit ashamed. After a while of unemployment I started to
think about some interesting things and discussed it, and when it began to
get the right shape, I've got a job and became busy and if spare time was
looming I became sick. But I hope it gets better..)

> One of the main delays was that the kern_getcwd() functionality
> in 5.0 (and 5.2) is wholly unreliable. I had to incorporate a separate
> version to make it work correctly. Normally I hate such hacks, but
> it seems that the vfs_cache method that was used was not appearing
> to be 100% accurate (at least in the kernel). Many times when I
> would try to get a full filename I got errors (path component not
> a directory) when I passed a vnode of a file in to get the path name.
> In a file replication scheme--this is not acceptable.

I'm curious to see.. It's in the vnode layer so I assume it's filesystem


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