iSCSI and clustering with FreeBSD

Kip Macy kmacy at
Mon Jun 23 12:17:16 PDT 2003

> It starts with basic design questions. Sorry, I am always late..
> I want to implement the iSCSI initiator as a CAM SIM driver. I was pointed
> to the umass driver which is a "translator" between SCSI and USB commands.
> The developers handbook gives me a good introduction how to write a SIM
> driver.

A good place to start is to write something strictly in userland that logs
in and generates traffic to the target. When I wrote my target it was
initially all in userland. After, the protocol handling had proven to be 
robust I moved it into the kernel.

If you try to familiarize yourself with too many things at once, it may
take you a long time to get started.


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