iSCSI and clustering with FreeBSD

Peter Ross Peter.Ross at
Mon Jun 23 05:36:59 PDT 2003

On Wed, 18 Jun 2003, Gabriel Ambuehl wrote:

> > BTW: I wrote two weeks ago that I like to start writing an iSCSI
> > initiator. I spent the last days reading documents and sources and
> > installing my programming and test environment.
> > So I didn't start writing yet but I'm on the way..
> You maybe want some help with that?


It starts with basic design questions. Sorry, I am always late..

I want to implement the iSCSI initiator as a CAM SIM driver. I was pointed
to the umass driver which is a "translator" between SCSI and USB commands.
The developers handbook gives me a good introduction how to write a SIM

But how to establish the connection, especially the authorization? I am
not sure how to handle this. I think it shouldn't be part of the kernel
driver. Maybe similiar to NFS asking for Kerberos tickets? But the
developers of nfssvc don't seem to be lucky about this..

I don't feel I have the experience to decide this so I would
appreciate answers.

BTW: You can see there are ways to share the task..

Thank you

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