Status of sandbox/Capsicum support in the Chromium FreeBSD port

René Ladan rene at
Thu Jan 30 11:27:03 UTC 2014

2014-01-30 Khilan Gudka <Khilan.Gudka at>:
> Dear Chromium port maintainer(s)
> I was wondering what the current status was with regards to sandboxing
> renderer processes. In particular, now that Capsicum comes as standard in
> FreeBSD, I'm interested in running Chromium with Capsicum enabled. Robert
> Watson (my supervisor, and whose office is opposite mine) did an initial
> version a few years ago ( but
> these patches were not upstreamed.
For what its worth, George Liaskos (on chromium@) and I started submitting our
patches upstream, but it will take a while I guess given the number of patches.

> Are there any patches around for the latest port/plans for adding Capsicum
> support?
> If not, then I would be very much interested in helping in this regard.
I think it would be best to propose this on the chromium developers list
(chromium-dev at first to see if there is some general interest.


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