[Bug 210029] The FreeBSD DVD won't boot

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Sun Jun 5 23:53:41 UTC 2016


--- Comment #3 from Vladimir Krstulja <vlad-fbsd at acheronmedia.com> ---
Looks like you were installing PCBSD. It is a derivative of FreeBSD (like, for
example, Ubuntu is of Debian) but not quite FreeBSD. It is desktop oriented and
the installer does full stack desktop installation.

Of the ISOs on the link I gave you, for FreeBSD proper, the -disc1 is CD and
-dvd1 is, well, DVD. To boot from USB, use the -memstick.img. The .xz are xz
compressed versions, you'll have to unxz before burning the installation media.
The handbook explains it all better:


Note that the USB image is basically a boot only installation media that then
pulls in the base from the network. The uefi images are required if you can't
boot in legacy, but my knowledge of efi is too limited to give a good advice
beyond this.

None of them install a desktop, only the base system. FreeBSD has no default
desktop installation. The handbook has more on installing the desktop:


See chapter 5 and 5.7

Please let us know if using the FreeBSD installation media works or is
problematic as well, for this bug report. For support with installing and
using, you can drop by at #freebsd on Freenode (IRC), or the forums at:


Thanks, and welcome to FreeBSD!

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