[Bug 210029] The FreeBSD DVD won't boot

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Sun Jun 5 22:03:20 UTC 2016


--- Comment #2 from ingeva <ingeborg at fmgirl.com> ---
I gave the version number as 10.3.
The file I burnt to USB first, then to DVD, was


Both behaved the same way; instead of booting, transfer was done to the
existing boot manager, GRUB2 (Only one system on the disk; Linux Mint 17.3),
and I intended to install FreeBSD on a free partition.

You gave me a link to several ISO images, none of which resemble or come close
to the size of the above. To begin with I would like a complete desktop
installation, but I have a fast link so whether it's downloaded from the net or
from the DVD doesn't really matter - except that I might get more updated
modules from the Net?

I have an Intel 64-bit processor, 8GM RAM, and a 120GB SSD disk as the primary
disk. It has three partitions that I can use: System, swap and storage. I
prefer to boot from USB since it's much faster and can be re-used (my DVD's

So which one should I use?

I've been using linux for 8 years and unix several years before that, so I
guess I could manage OK.

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