[Bug 204674] [PATCH] boot1.efi remove consolecontrol as it's not in the UEFI specs

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Thu Nov 19 16:55:02 UTC 2015


--- Comment #2 from Emmanuel Vadot <manu at bidouilliste.com> ---

I've noticed that after. I've sent a mail to hacker@

As said on my second mail, removing the mode selection and the reset of the
conout resolves the problem.

I had another idea of what could be wrong, it could be that setting the mode to
text strictly disable the graphical mode so I tested to set the mode to
graphical just before calling ExitBootService but this doesn't change anything.

Maybe we can just remove the reset/mode change ? The console is cleared after
and since the number of lines are hardcoded to 24 by default maybe it's sane to
leave the text mode to 80x25 for now ?

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