boot1.efi and ConsoleControl on HP 840G1/G2

Emmanuel Vadot manu at
Thu Nov 19 11:16:30 UTC 2015

 Hello Hackers,

 After hours I've found why I couldn't use properly FreeBSD on my HP 840G1/G2 laptop.

 What is happening right now with -current is that the kernel framebuffer is garbage (
 The problem is that boot1.efi calls ConsoleControl which, from my findings, is not in the UEFI specs but was only in the EDK implementation.
 This should not be a problem as LocateProtocol should return != EFI_SUCCESS but on my laptops (and probably others) this is not the case.

 After removing the ConsoleControl related lines and recompiling boot1.efi I can now boot FreeBSD.

 I'm pretty sure that this would not be a problem on other machine (with the patch I can still boot correctly FreeBSD on my Samsung 870Z laptop) but I would prefer that other people test it.

 I've opened a bug on bugzilla ( if some people want to try the patch.


Emmanuel Vadot <manu at>

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