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Mathijs de Bildt mathijs.debildt at vellance.com
Fri Feb 10 09:14:26 UTC 2012


I am sorry for the massive <a href>'s. I thought of linkbuilding, not on 
how it would look on your website. My apologies.

I wanted to submit our company Vellance on the commercial Vendor page 

What is the right path to follow to get Vellance with a small piece of 
text (like the 4 lines below with just 1 <a href> :-)) on the commercial 
vendor page?

Vellance B.V. is a Dutch managed hosting provider located in Amsterdam. 
Our core-business is delivering advanced <a 
href="http://www.vellance.com" title="Managed hosting " 
target="_blanc">Managed hosting</a> platforms. Vellance primarily works 
with FreeBSD (since the 90's), so it's not a surprise our managed 
hosting platforms and Virtual Enterprise Cloud environment is completely 
based on a FreeBSD infrastructure. Next to Virtual Dedicated Servers we 
offer many products like Private Cloud infrastructures, Media hosting, 
datacentre facilities and hosting consultancy.

With kind regards,

Mathijs de Bildt
Marketing Manager Vellance

Op 10/02/2012 8:07 AM, Remko Lodder schreef:
> No problem, the massive amount of hyperlinks and the added image 
> doesn't make it a very nice similiar
> entry like the other ones. In the past I took out a few of them and 
> only pointed to one or two hyperlinks
> (either hosting or consultancy and things like that). It would be 
> really ugly to have an entry with solely
> <a href>'s :-)
> Thank you for your battle against unwanted records, sure we miss one 
> or two somethines (I do too!) but
> in general life gets much better because of this, thanks!
> Remko
> On Feb 10, 2012, at 7:57 AM, Jaakko Heinonen wrote:
>> On 2012-02-09, Remko Lodder wrote:
>>>> Spam.
>>> is it? Without looking at the actual links it seems to me that this
>>> is more something for the commercial gallery.
>>> It mentions that they are using FreeBSD. The website is in the dutch
>>> language (my native language) and i cannot
>>> see why this would be spam. Wrong category: yes, wrong group: yes,
>>> spam: no.
>> I am sorry if I misjudged the report. Feel free to correct my mistake. I
>> am not sure how it should be categorized and assigned.
>> Thanks.
>> -- 
>> Jaakko
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