bin/131861: [patch] mail(1) misses addresses when replying to all

Pete French petefrench at
Tue Feb 16 19:18:57 UTC 2010

>     Two dumb questions:
>     1. Why isn't this checking for '\0'?

It is - line 430 does it

>     2. If there's a `"', shouldn't there be a terminating the end `"'
> as well? It's a pretty blatant shell syntax error if that requirement
> isn't met...

Yes, but this is also handled elsewhere in the loop. My change to
the 'if' doesnt detect a previously undetected quote, what it
does is allow for there not being a space between the comma and the
quote. Originally it took space-comma-quote, but now it takes space-quote
as well. This is why the space eating while loop needed to be changed too,
as it now needs to work for zero spaces.

The rest of the fucntion has been in use for so long (decades?) that
I am fairly sure it's correct as far as matching quotes and checking
for zeros goes. I do not think the patch introduces any possibility
of unmatched quotes, and I've been running with it for some time
without incident.

I would like someone else to check it out though, so thanks for taking a
look. You're the first person to actually take an interest!



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