misc/118160: unable to mount / rw while booting 7.0-BETA3

Yuri yuri at rawbw.com
Tue Nov 27 19:32:20 PST 2007

> > While booting log says:
> > Starting file system checks:
> > <here goes the list of file systems that it reports, this is ok>
> > mount:  : Operation not permitted.
> This is probably a secondary problem.  You apparently have the root device
> mounted on "" or something like that.
> What does mount shouw for the root device?
No, when I get to shell after this failure during the normal boot process
mount shows:
/dev/ad12s1c    /   (ufs,local,read-only)
swapinfo shows that swap volume is /dev/ad12s1b

> > The major bug seems to be in the 'mount' system call. 'man mount' says that
> EPERM is returned if "The caller is neither the super-user nor the owner of
> dir." I am root.
> You are apparently attempting to mount the same device twice (even though
> -u specifies an already-mounted device, the kernel is apparently confused
> about where it is mounted).
I thought that mount command is supposed to pick up the locations correctly,
so that when I say 'mount -uw /' device should be picked up from the already
mounted list.

Also I found that swapon and mount are related in my case. Once swapon is done
I can't remount root as r/w. And vice versa, when mount -uw is done swapon
returns EPERM.

This happens when I boot as single user. When I do swapon consecutive
'mount -uw ' fails. When I do 'mount -uw' consecutive swapon fails.
So I don't have swap at all since this command failed during boot.

I guess 'nmount' and 'swapon' system calls are similar and somehow interfere
with each other.

So I still can't boot normally, only through single user mode and I don't
have swap at all after this.


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