kern/94446: FreeBSD 6.0 crash with forkbomb (regression)

Bruce M Simpson bms at
Sun Sep 24 11:53:25 PDT 2006

Synopsis: FreeBSD 6.0 crash with forkbomb (regression)

State-Changed-From-To: open->feedback
State-Changed-By: bms
State-Changed-When: Sun Sep 24 18:47:04 UTC 2006
This report is quite confusing -- without more evidence it's difficult
to have something to go on. I can reproduce a panic in -CURRENT with
forkbomb as the submitter describes, but it looks like a diagnostic;
running forkbomb as a non-root user doesn't panic the machine due to
the proces limit.

The panic is pretty much as I'd expect. It would be good to harden things
a bit more along this path, but from reading CVS history for these files it
looks as though the behaviour was changed to avoid a lock-order reversal.

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