ping core dumped at random char input

Maxim Konovalov maxim at
Mon May 23 17:22:36 GMT 2005

On Mon, 23 May 2005, 18:28+0200, nocturnal wrote:

> Hi
> I have no idea where or how to post this to the list but i'll give
> it a shot, take your criticism and go on with my life.
> I just thought it might be important that people find out about
> this.
> This happened at work when i was pinging a host which was down and
> out of frustration i banged the keyboard a bit.
> ping: sendto: Host is down
> <zping: sendto: Host is down
> sping: sendto: Host is down
> xda<zsping: sendto: Host is down
> ^\Quit (core dumped)

Expected behaviour, ^\ sends SIGQUIT to ping(8).

Maxim Konovalov

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