ping core dumped at random char input

nocturnal nocturnal at
Mon May 23 16:29:38 GMT 2005


I have no idea where or how to post this to the list but i'll give it a 
shot, take your criticism and go on with my life.

I just thought it might be important that people find out about this.

This happened at work when i was pinging a host which was down and out 
of frustration i banged the keyboard a bit.

ping: sendto: Host is down
<zping: sendto: Host is down
sping: sendto: Host is down
xda<zsping: sendto: Host is down
^\Quit (core dumped)

So i got a ping.core which is attached, i uploaded it to a HTTP server 
so you can download it there if you want.

This is some gdb output but i don't have the time or the knowledge the 
debug further.

(gdb) core ping.core
Core was generated by `ping'.
Program terminated with signal 3, Quit.
#0  0x00000000405de088 in ?? ()
(gdb) bt
#0  0x00000000405de088 in ?? ()
#1  0x0000000000103008 in ?? ()
Previous frame identical to this frame (corrupt stack?)


Med vänliga hälsningar

Stefan Midjich aka nocturnal

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