kern/73719: Page fault in bpf_mtap ()

Robert Watson rwatson at
Thu Nov 11 12:16:33 PST 2004

Synopsis: Page fault in bpf_mtap ()

Responsible-Changed-From-To: freebsd-bugs->rwatson
Responsible-Changed-By: rwatson
Responsible-Changed-When: Thu Nov 11 20:15:15 GMT 2004
Grab ownership of this PR.  BPF was locked down prior to my starting
work on network stack locking; I've corrected some bugs in the locking
but it looks like others may remain.  I'll take a look and see what I
come up with.  My belief was that the locking was correct in the
presence of descriptors coming and going, but might be less safe with
interfaces coming and going.  Do interfaces appear and diappear in this
system, or just descriptors?

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