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Mon Feb 18 00:30:31 UTC 2019

On Sun, Feb 17, 2019 at 04:17:34PM -0800, Jayachandran C. wrote:
> Another set of changes needed for ThunderX2 support has been committed
> over the past few weeks (thanks andrew@ for fixes and reviews). The
> change were to: add IORT table support (r343853, r343856, r343860),
> fix a crash seen with INVARIANTS off (r343875, r343876), and handle
> more memory regions from the firmware (r343764).
> Also, Cavium has released a firmware update at (for
> Sabre reference platforms) that fixes the SATA controller
> initialization issue. With all these, the 13-CURRENT should boot and
> run fine on ThunderX2 - you just need to add 'options NUMA' to the
> conf.
> A backport of the needed changes to 12-STABLE is available at:
> . I
> have been running this on my Sabre, and so far it has been stable
> under stress. If you have access to a ThunderX2 board, let me know if
> it works for you.

I registered with Cavium's support site, but I never got the
verification/approval email back from Cavium.

Gigabyte's BIOS download page for their ThunderX2 system shows BIOS
version of F16, not the latest F25 release.

So, for HardenedBSD, we're not getting much more than radio silence.

Perhaps I need to exercise a bit more patience. Is there any way to
get access to the newer BIOS releases without having to wait for
Gigabyte to update their end? Can you talk with Cavium support to get
them to accept my registration?


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