FreeBSD on ThunderX2 update

Jayachandran C. jchandra at
Mon Feb 18 00:18:07 UTC 2019

Another set of changes needed for ThunderX2 support has been committed
over the past few weeks (thanks andrew@ for fixes and reviews). The
change were to: add IORT table support (r343853, r343856, r343860),
fix a crash seen with INVARIANTS off (r343875, r343876), and handle
more memory regions from the firmware (r343764).

Also, Cavium has released a firmware update at (for
Sabre reference platforms) that fixes the SATA controller
initialization issue. With all these, the 13-CURRENT should boot and
run fine on ThunderX2 - you just need to add 'options NUMA' to the

A backport of the needed changes to 12-STABLE is available at: . I
have been running this on my Sabre, and so far it has been stable
under stress. If you have access to a ThunderX2 board, let me know if
it works for you.


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