Help getting Marvell-A388 SBC booted

Marcin Wojtas mw at
Fri Feb 1 09:04:01 UTC 2019

Hi Sören,

pt., 1 lut 2019 o 09:18 <doc.solo at> napisał(a):
> Hi Marcin,
> I used this device tree: I did a crochet build of FreeBSD-12 with config from above mentioned github repo.
> I will build everything from scratch now, but documentation is really sparse. So I still don't know what is really important to get FBSD booted. My understanding is, that U-Boot needs the API enabled and that there are some deviations from the linux device trees. Anything else?

We made an effort to remove all deviations from the Linux device
trees, when adding support to GENERIC config. Therefore any
customisation is no longer needed (it was added long time before 12
release). We also used unmodified u-boot from Marvell repos all the
time. I need to check and help you (but not before the weekend :) ).

> BTW: Thanks to you and your colleagues for your work on the kernel to support this hardware. I wonder why this has remained largely unappreciated.

Thanks. IMO the platform is in really good shape, both functionally
and in terms of performance.

Best regards,

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