Armeb removal before 12

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> Date: 2018/6/14, Thu 01:55
> Subject: Armeb removal before 12
> I'd like to remove armeb before 12.0.
> It's poorly supported today.
> Nobody has tested the concurrency kit changes on it. And ck is now
> mandatory. We don't even know if it works or not.
> Last time we asked, it took quite a while to find users.
> It maxes out at 256MB of RAM. This is barely large enough for FreeBSD to
> run in.

sys/arm/ralink target is only 16M of RAM. I use bridge on this target
work fine.

I have FWIXP422BB target(Planex BRC-14VG) with 32M of RAM. I never build
FreeBSD for this target.

I want build for FWIXP422BB but clang cross build is very slow. It take
7 hour on my machine.

> The hardware was last made almost a decade ago.
> It uses non-standard non-mainstream boot loaders (boot technology has moved
> on from redboot).
> The cost of doing API sweeps, make universe runs, etc exceeds the benefit
> to the project.
> So, given all these factors, it sounds like a good candidate for retirement.
> Therefore, I'd like to remove it on July 15th.
> Comments? (please keep  them on topic to this specific thing: there's other
> things that may also be past their freshness date, we'll discuss those in a
> separate thread).
> Warner
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