Raspberry Pi EABI test image

George Mitchell george+freebsd at m5p.com
Mon Dec 24 00:05:55 UTC 2012

On 12/23/12 16:38, Andrew Turner wrote:
> I have made a test image built from the EABI branch for the Raspberry
> Pi. It is available from:
> http://people.freebsd.org/~andrew/rpi/rpi-eabi-r244581.img.xz
> I would appreciate it if people with a Raspberry Pi could test this as
> I am likely to start merging EABI support into head early next year. As
> far as I can tell everything should work with the exception of gdb
> which is known to be broken.
> To load the image you need to uncompress the file and run a command
> similar to:
> dd if=rpi-eabi-r244581.img of=/dev/mmcsd0
> Changing the of= device as required for your system. The SD card should
> boot into FreeBSD with the console on the HDMI port and a login prompt
> on the UART.
> Andrew
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Your image works for me.  I don't have an appropriate serial cable, so
I connected a USB keyboard.

There are some rough edges, but they aren't new with this image:

Every so often, a key release event from the USB keyboard is dropped
and I get a sequence of repeated characters until I type something
else.  I think an occasional key press is dropped as well, but I'm such
a bad typist that I'm not sure.

Although rc.conf says ue0_config="DHCP"', dhclient doesn't run.  I can
run it manually, and then everything network-related works.

I NFS-mounted a /usr/ports tree and installed portmaster.  When I tried
"portmaster -BDg sysutils/LPRng", it died trying to run something called
autom4te while working on libtool.

What would we need to do to get a driver for the pulse-width modulation
audio port?

The lack of a visible cursor on the screen is a major annoyance.

Nevertheless, thanks for providing the image!         -- George Mitchell

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