XML Output: libxo - provide single API to output TXT, XML, JSON and HTML

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Wed Jul 30 07:22:57 UTC 2014


Some of you may recall that I did a keynote at EuroBSDcon 2010
called "Software Tools -- Mission Accomplished or Mission Failure ?"

I tried to do a status review of 40 years of UNIX and Software
Tools, in part inspired by what I saw as a "user" of the platform
while working on Varnish.

Historical analysis is useless if it doesn't point us into the
future, and that I did, concluding that we needed to move beyond
80 char wide ASCII text-files finishing my talk with this "ridiculous"

	Solution: Change kernel & userland to understand
	XML instead of flat ASCII.

	grep --tag H3 ”crazy idea” index.html

My keynote doesn't seem to exist on the web (I'm pretty sure it was
video-taped ?) but I've dug out my slides:


In case anybody is interesting in the deeper and wider perspective
on why libxo is long overdue.

Thumbs up for the people finally realizing it.


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