Request for review/testing: switching the default installer

Doug Barton dougb at
Thu Mar 3 20:55:16 UTC 2011

On 03/03/2011 02:22, Baptiste Daroussin wrote:

> While working on this maybe it would be interesting to now use makefs
> instead of mkisofs, making installer generation 100% self hosting.
> makefs has recently been updating to a recent version from netbsd and
> now support iso9660, I already managed to create bootable livecd with
> it.

That would be very nice. There is a weird situation now where you can't 
do ISO creation within 'make release' without also building ports, which 
is a lot of overhead. I "solved" this problem by scripting the ISO 
creation as a separate step, but it felt kludgy to me.

Another nice improvement in this space would be to be able to select the 
specific ISO(s) that you want to create.



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