Request for review/testing: switching the default installer

TAKAHASHI Yoshihiro nyan at
Wed Mar 2 16:06:37 UTC 2011

In article <4D6BB5E3.6020408 at>
Nathan Whitehorn <nwhitehorn at> writes:

> BSDinstall has acquired at this point its final form (prior to a
> future merge with pc-sysinstall), and I believe is ready to replace
> sysinstall on the 9.0 snapshot ISOs. Barring any objections, I would
> like to pull this switch 2 weeks from today, on the 14th of March.
> A patch to the release infrastructure code can be found here (make
> release must be run with Makefile.bsdinstall using this patch to get
> non-sysinstall media):

In Makefile.bsdinstall:

+       echo kernel_options=\"-C\" > ${DISTDIR}/release/boot/loader.conf
+       sh /usr/src/release/${TARGET}/ -b FreeBSD_Install ${DISTDIR}/release.iso ${DISTDIR}/release
+       rm ${DISTDIR}/release/boot/loader.conf

${TARGET} must be ${TARGET_ARCH} because pc98 and sunv4 don't have script.

Do you have a plan to add a floppy support as boot device?  Pc98
machines which can boot from CD-ROM are very limited.  So we usually
use FD for boot media to install.

TAKAHASHI Yoshihiro <nyan at>

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