Trimming the default /boot/device.hints

John Baldwin jhb at
Wed Jan 28 14:59:02 PST 2009

On Wednesday 28 January 2009 5:42:09 pm M. Warner Losh wrote:
> : These are all devices that I count as PNPBIOS devices.  I can put back the 
> : and fd1 hints, but the rest of the devices being removed are all 
> : devices.  To me at least there is a distinction.
> You have to put back the fd0 and fd1 devices, since they are only
> enumerated for ACPI right now.  They aren't enumerated for pnpbios at
> all.
> So how far are we from what I posted?

I don't know, but I give up, do whatever you want.  I'm not going to mess with 
it anymore.

> # $FreeBSD$

These three aren't actually needed on PnPBIOS/ACPI systems.

> hint.uart.0.port="0x3F8"
> hint.uart.0.flags="0x10"
> hint.uart.1.port="0x2F8"

John Baldwin

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