Trimming the default /boot/device.hints

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Wed Jan 28 14:42:44 PST 2009

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            John Baldwin <jhb at> writes:
: fe0 doesn't have an identify routine nor hints in the default set.  We don't 
: ship hints for sound blaster ISA cards by default either not all of which are 
: PnP (mine wasn't).  The point being that the set of ISA adapters with hints 
: in the current device.hints is an arbitrary subset.

Yes.  It represents the terminal state of GENERIC when it was
converted to hints.  I still don't understand your resistance to
having a fully populated hints file hanging around as legacy.hints.
It is so utterly cheap to do that I can't believe you'd argue about
doing it.

: PNP devices are not PNPBIOS devices.  No BIOS is going to have an ed0 device 
: or ie0 device in the PNPBIOS table or ACPI namespace.

I'm sorry, but you think I'm confused when I'm not.  You are not
correct here.  There *ARE* PNPBIOS entires for ed/ne2000 devices on
some boards.  I had a board that has them on it at Timing Solutions,
and I believe I have at least two laptops that have various PNPBIOS
entries for things like ethernet controllers (ne2000) and SCSI
controllers (sym based).  These are not ADD-IN cards that enumerate
with PNP.  These are built-in devices that enumerate with PNPBIOS.

I'll keep repeating this until you understand that there are such

Of course, I'm not sure it is relevant.

: These are all devices that I count as PNPBIOS devices.  I can put back the fd0 
: and fd1 hints, but the rest of the devices being removed are all non-PNPBIOS 
: devices.  To me at least there is a distinction.

You have to put back the fd0 and fd1 devices, since they are only
enumerated for ACPI right now.  They aren't enumerated for pnpbios at

So how far are we from what I posted?

# $FreeBSD$"fdc0""0""fdc0""1""atkbdc""atkbdc""isa""isa""0x100""isa"


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