Patch for devel/apr1

Mathieu Arnold mat at
Mon Feb 24 14:51:03 UTC 2014

+--On 24 février 2014 18:30:51 +0400 Eygene Ryabinkin <rea at>
| ml section  Or, alternatively, with Mk/ lines 178,

I'm familiar with the porter's handbook, where in do you see
anything about WITH_ or WITHOUT_ ?

Oh, you may mean ?

This one need some cleanup, there are very few knobs that can be used like
it says. Actually, WITH_OPENSSL_BASE/PORT may be the only one.

If you need to globally set some options, you should put things like this
in your make.conf:


Or like antoine said, if you need them on the command line, WITH=LDAP

Mathieu Arnold

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