rewrite / cleanup

Olli Hauer ohauer at
Sun Aug 12 22:03:43 UTC 2012

Hi all,

the script has undergone a rewrite for better support of options NG.

 - make.conf pa-rams like WITH(OUT)_MODULES should be given in UPPER case.
   Code to convert make.conf pa-rams to UPPER case is in place
 - cleanup old constructs which are working in a sub-shell (@for ... ${GREP} ...)
   the parts are replaced to use make logic.
 - adjust apache20/apache22 ports for the new

The file should be touched again to support options NG in apache2x
but those changes are only a view lines.

I want to keep make.conf support the same way it works now even if apache22
is rewritten with options NG support. This means against new options NG logic
the make.conf has priority over options set by "make config" (old behavior).
To give make.conf and command line pa-rams a higher priority is needed for
static and other special builds.

I've done endless tests with the rewritten and have not found any
backward incompatible issues (except if we remove the UPPERCASE convert part)

There is additional room for more cleanup, some comments are in the patch (MFC TODO).

For anyone interested in review before I commit the patches


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