patch to apache for IPv6 only httpd

Curtis Villamizar curtis at
Sat Aug 11 21:23:12 UTC 2012


This very simple patch prevents an assert when httpd is run on a
server that has no IPv4 address.  An example is a BSD jail running
with only an IPv6 address on the interface (no loopback so no address to bind to).

Copy the patch below into the files directory as

The port maintainer is on the Cc.  No bug has been reported.

BTW- I noticed this a long time ago.  I don't remember if I reported
it or forgot to.  Appologies if this is a duplicate.  It is not in the
httpd-2.2.22.tar.bz2 tarball, in the distinfo dated 23 July 2012.


--- ./server/config.c.orig	2010-10-07 09:56:54.000000000 -0700
+++ ./server/config.c	2011-09-26 21:20:35.000000000 -0700
@@ -1979,6 +1979,9 @@
     /* NOT virtual host; don't match any real network interface */
     rv = apr_sockaddr_info_get(&s->addrs->host_addr,
                                NULL, APR_INET, 0, 0, p);
+    if (rv != APR_SUCCESS)
+        rv = apr_sockaddr_info_get(&s->addrs->host_addr,
+                                   NULL, APR_UNSPEC, 0, 0, p);
     ap_assert(rv == APR_SUCCESS); /* otherwise: bug or no storage */
     s->addrs->host_port = 0; /* matches any port */

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