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Infrastructure changes does not go to UPDATING, they are of no interest
to end users. The file you want to put these into is CHANGES.

The text you wrote for CHANGES is a mission statement and does not
belong anywhere. Drop it.

> Theres 26 PRs(link below) + ~15 ports that do not yet confirm to this,
> but thats largely okay.
> In a bit (after the freeze) I'd like to make some changes to
> and ports-mgmt/portlint to warn about the above changes.
> I think It might be good to consolidate 1.3 -> 13 and 2.0 -> 20
> (both are supported right now)

Is there a problem with supporting both? I think it's kinda nice.

> Next up, I'd like to make which is for www/mod_perl*
> and will let me remove the WITH_APACHE and WITH_APACHE2 from ports
> that can use either. (USE_MP=13|20 and USE_APREQ=13|20)

Why new include file, cannot it be folded into ?

> Then, with I think should start with just support for
> www/apache*.  zope, ngix, lighttpd, etc.. should be added next 1 at a time.

This sounds like an overkill, but I haven't seen the details.

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