Philip M. Gollucci pgollucci at
Sun Apr 12 22:55:13 PDT 2009

Theres 26 PRs(link below) + ~15 ports that do not yet confirm to this,
but thats largely okay.

In a bit (after the freeze) I'd like to make some changes to and ports-mgmt/portlint to warn about the above changes.

I think It might be good to consolidate 1.3 -> 13 and 2.0 -> 20
(both are supported right now)

Next up, I'd like to make which is for www/mod_perl*
and will let me remove the WITH_APACHE and WITH_APACHE2 from ports
that can use either. (USE_MP=13|20 and USE_APREQ=13|20)

After that, I'd like to try a -exp run with APACHE_PORT=www/apache22 in by default to see what needs fixing.  I've already fixed a
good bit.  Looks like we'd be looking at ~1000 ports (before any of the
fixes I already made).

Afterwards, www/apache23, www/apache24, and devel/apr2.

I think right about here, we can implement the long requested
APPKGNAMEPREFIX. Which brings a good point to clean up
like I've been planning.

Next up is the consolidation of the www/apache* ports into MASTER/SLAVE.

Then, with I think should start with just support for
www/apache*.  zope, ngix, lighttpd, etc.. should be added next 1 at a time.

That'll probably keep me/us busy for all of 2009.

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