[: -le: argument expected

Pete French petefrench at ticketswitch.com
Thu Jan 31 17:04:36 PST 2008

> Well, to be Frank with you ( even though my name is Chris ;) ), having
> to migrate ~50 conf files/layouts on top of "mastering" the /new/ Apache
> way of doing things, on top of aquainting myself with the way the
> modules /now/ do things, just isn't going to fit in my schedule. Oh sure
> I hear you (or others) say; you're going to have to do all of that anyway.

Actually I understand that perfcetly - indeed I spent today finally
mihgrating something originally installed on FreeBSD 3 many years
ago (possibly 1999) and getting it working with ports as I had been
avoiding re-doing it for all these years. Several hour and a lot of pain.
If I wasn't off work sick it wouldn't have got done at all.

> I don't think it's (at this point in my install) reasonable to assume
> Apache 2.0 has anything to do with it. As the PHP5 build doesn't even
> care (or ask about) which Apache version I'm using, except to
> differentiate between it being 1.3 || 2.x.

O.K., so this is a simple case of

	cd /usr/ports/lang/php5
	make fetch-recursive
	make config-recursive
	make clean

yup ? now, I did that with a csup of php5 a few days ago and it
was O.K. for me. I am reconning that this has something to do
with some other ports that php5 is dependent on which havent been
upgraded to the version in the tree.

How about try configuring it *not* to build the apache dependent bits and
see if it compiles then? The php5 port only depends on Apache if you tell it
to build the Apache module.

Or try installing it with pkg_add -r ?


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