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Thu Jan 31 16:47:51 PST 2008

Hello Peter, and thank you for your thoughtful reply.

Quoting Pete French <petefrench at ticketswitch.com>:

>> also already subscribed to the Apache dev list). My conclusion was that
>> the ultimate migration to 2, would be a lot smoother, and easier if moving
>> to 2.0 - the layout of both the server, and conf files are /very/ similar
>> (to 1.3).
> O.K., that makes a lot of sense - I can't remember how I did this, but
> I think I ended abandonning migrating the config files and simply
> re-wrote them to have the same functionality when I got a few spare
> dayes ;)

Well, to be Frank with you ( even though my name is Chris ;) ), having
to migrate ~50 conf files/layouts on top of "mastering" the /new/ Apache
way of doing things, on top of aquainting myself with the way the
modules /now/ do things, just isn't going to fit in my schedule. Oh sure
I hear you (or others) say; you're going to have to do all of that anyway.
So why not just start now, and get it over with. While to a degree that
may be so. But as I have it now, my servers are frequently hammered at
~50-75 attacks/second, all without fail. They are (thus far) also
impervious to attempts to acquisition/manipulation of server data (most
notably PHP). This has been no small feat, and has all been from the
acumulation, and examination of the data that was waged against our
servers over the years. Not to mention, becoming intimately familiar
with all the modules we use (weaknesses/strengths etc...). So, in an
effort to continue to thwart such attacks. I'm going to /attempt/ to
use 2.0.x. Which really only requires me to re-aquaint myself with
the modules. /Then/ should the need/time/desire to move to 2.2.x occur.
It won't be such an unreasonable task. :)

>> me to find an argument to move from 2.0. The current trouble I'm
>> encountering is clearly a PHP5 issue. As it isn't even touching the
>> Apache 2 install during the build process. I hope I've adequately
>> answered your question, and hope I wasn't /too/ verbose. :)
> NO, answered perfectly - am tyring to remmebr whether the reaosn I
> didnt like 2.0 was to do with php too though. It seems to
> cause some kind of woes every time I upgrade.

I don't think it's (at this point in my install) reasonable to assume
Apache 2.0 has anything to do with it. As the PHP5 build doesn't even
care (or ask about) which Apache version I'm using, except to
differentiate between it being 1.3 || 2.x.
> You said you had to sup the ports tree BTW - does that mean you rebuilt
> every other port on the system ?

No. Not yet. I examined the changes that were applied, and the only
areas that affect what I struggling with now, are being built /after/
the cvsup (weren't built before).

Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

--Chris H

> -pete.
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