www/mod_log_sql2-dtc 's scoreboard broken?

Tommy Pham tommyhp2 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 27 00:00:31 UTC 2008

Hi everyone,

Is the port www/mod_log_sql2-dtc 's scoreboard broken?  I have mass
vhost on with adequate rights (insert, update, create, select) where
required - the apache error log has no error and preserve file is
empty.  Everything logs great except for the scoreboard.  It inserts:
`vhost`, `month`, `year`, `count_impressions` ok but failed to update

here's the scoreboard table sample data:

domain 	vhost 	month 	  year 	count_impressions 	bytes_sent
www 	default-domain.tld 	2 	2008 	2 	165632
www 	default-domain.tld 	2 	2008 	3 	248448
www 	default-domain.tld 	2 	2008 	1 	82816

is that how it's supposed to be?  Is it supposed to query for an
existing `domain`,`vhost`,`month`,`year`, before any inserts?  If the
matching the data exists, it updates `count_impressions` and
`bytes_sent` right?  I thought the idea for this table is to see the #
of hits (ie count_impressions) and bandwidth used (bytes_sent) for the
month for each domain/vhost? If that's the case, then I think the
scoreboard is bugged because it's gonna fill up the scoreboard table
quickly with every hit/requests.

Here's the C code in file patch-mod_log_sql.c:
+                       score_query_insert = apr_psprintf(r->pool,
"insert ignore into %s (domain,vhost,month,year,count_impressions)
values ('%s','%s','%s','%s','0')"
+                       score_query_update = apr_psprintf(r->pool,
"update %s SET count_impressions = count_impressions+1, bytes_sent =
bytes_sent+%s WHERE domain='%s' AND vhost='%s' AND month='%s' AND

I don't see a select statement to check for existing data. :(  I
wouldn't mind fixing it and post the patch except my C coding sucks and
I don't know how use patch in FreeBSD :(

Also, the scoreboard table isn't created automatically with mass vhost
on with create rights.  I had to create a table named 'scoreboard' with
the these fields.

Field 	Type 	Null 	Key 	Default 	Extra
domain  varchar(20)  	YES  	MUL  	NULL
vhost 	varchar(20) 	YES 	  	NULL
month 	tinyint(3) unsigned 	YES 	  	0
year 	smallint(5) unsigned 	YES 	  	0
count_impressions 	int(10) unsigned 	YES 	  	0 
bytes_sent 	int(10) unsigned 	YES 	  	0

Does anyone has any problems with the scoreboard?  BTW, I'm using
Apache 2.2.8 on FreeBSD 7.0-RC2 amd64.  The port is built without DBI.


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